We have been in the carpet cleaning business for more than 10 years and have a team of qualified technicians to do the job for you. State of the art latest commercial equipment is used to remove tough stains and dirt from your carpets. Both organic carpet cleaning and industrial strength methods of cleaning are available. One of our most preferred methods of carpet cleaning is the Hot Water Extraction method. This is popularly known as the steam cleaning method. As a part of the process, we propel a combination of hot water and cleaning agents into the carpet at high pressure. This helps us to loosen up the dirt and the soil from the carpet. After this, a high power vacuum is run over the carpet to remove the hot water along with the dirt and stains. The cleaning agents used are completely environment-friendly and safe to use.

There are two kinds of machines used for the hot water extraction process. One is the truck mounted industrial machine and the other is the portable machine. The later is generally used if the work site is located in a high rise building or there is a bad access to the property. The truck-mounted machines are more powerful and can clean and dry faster. They are installed in a van or a truck and we do not drag the instrument across your homes. It is by far one of the best methods available today and we have a good amount of expertise in the same.

Apart from the hot water extraction method we also specialize in low moisture carpet cleaning. An industrial vacuum system is run on the carpet to loosen up the dirt. In the next step, the carpet is lightly misted with hospital grade cleaner and disinfectant. After allowing it to settle for few minutes the orbital carpet cleaning machine fitted with special cotton carpet cleaning pads is run on it in multiple directions. This ensures that the carpet is scrubbed nicely of all the dirt. Lastly, a stiff carpet rake is used to bring back the carpet fibers in the upright position. Our area of expertise in both domestic and commercial cleaning including the end of tenancy services.