For many a carpet is nothing but a piece of home decor product but for others its a place where you sit and watch movies, children play and sometimes even the pets sleep. There is a varying level of intimacy that each one of you has with the carpets at home. Hence it is important that they are kept hygienic and clean at all times. Here are 5 reasons why you should be contacting us for your carpet cleaning requirements;

The need for renting out a carpet cleaning equipment will cease to exist if you hire us. Moreover, those equipment are not considered to be as effective as the professional grade equipment is provided by us. Also when you rent out equipment for self-cleaning it might leave excess moisture on the carpet. Our technicians ensure that your carpet stays vibrant and fresh.

We offer the commonly used truck mounted machine and also portable machines for flats, bad access, and secure properties. Our services include both hot water extraction or popularly known as the steam cleaning and low moisture cleaning methods. Apart from catering to the domestic and commercial properties we also offer end of tenancy services.

Removing stains is not an easy job and requires knowledge about the fiber and its make. We have a team of qualified professionals who have an understanding of the stains and what kind of cleaning agents should be used to clean them.

As a part of our cleaning methods, we completely sanitize the carpets to kill bacteria and dust mites along with removing stains and dust. The idea is to not only keep the carpets clean but also kill the allergens.

Regular professional cleaning ensures that your carpets look great and are free of stains and foul odors. Hence if you are looking to engage a professional cleaning service for your carpets contact us.