The Clean Carpet Crew founded in 2005 is one of the popular service providers in the industry. We have been in the industry since the last 13 years and have rendered outstanding services to all our clients in the past and continue to do so in the present. The company is located in Pinner but we provide our services throughout London. Currently, the company is being managed by Warren Aldridge. After having worked in a large hotel group for many years he is developed a good amount of experience in the Carpet Cleaning business.

As a carpet cleaning service, we cater to both homes and businesses. The hot water extraction system is used for the cleaning purpose as it is highly beneficial in keeping the living and work environment hygienic at all times. State of the art equipment is used to inject a combination of hot water and cleaning agents into the carpet fiber. After this, all the dirt is removed using a powerful vacuum cleaner. We have a well-trained team of professionals who do the job for you. They are skilled and fully equipped to adapt to every situation. Using our service the clients can expect some great results like the ones provided by other professional carpet cleaning services.

We are one of the professional cleaning services in the UK catering to both domestic and commercial areas. Be it your house or office you get the best results in terms of carpet cleaning. Since we use the steam cleaning method there are no chemicals involved and it is safe. We work on a very flexible schedule hence you can give us a call anytime as per your convenience. Also, the prices offered are very competitive in comparison to the other cleaning services. Call us to book your service today and get your home cleaned before the next festive seasons.