Using Professional Services To Clean Carpets

Carpets form an integral part of every home as they enhance the overall decor of the room. But did you know they tend to hold much of their weight in dirt and grime? Only vacuuming the carpet will not suffice the need. Hence it is essential that the carpets are professionally cleaned once in a while. There are many reasons to so;

  1. Carpets tend to trap dust, bacteria, allergens and other such particles giving rise to various health concerns. Professional cleaning eradicates all the accumulated dirt and germs.

  2. With time, the carpets start producing bad odours from pets, cigarettes and other such things. Getting them professionally cleaned can help you get rid of the unwanted smell.

  3. Also, occasional professional cleaning ensures the carpets remain in good shape. They can help you get rid of stubborn stains and also retain the original colour and shine.

  4. Regular cleaning of the carpets using professional grade products and services can prolong the life of the rug.

The Professional Cleaning Methods

The professional service providers clean carpets either using the dry cleaning or the steam cleaning method. But how do you determine which way to pick? Two answer this a close understanding of the two is essential.

Steam cleaning does not mean its actually the steam that cleans your carpets. Heavy duty machines are used to spray detergents on to the mats and then steam from hot water is used to activate the detergent. Next, a wet vac is used to suck up all the water on the floor. Alkaline soaps are used for the synthetic carpets while acidic ones are used for the natural fibre or woollen carpets. If you are looking for a chemical-free method to get your carpet cleaned, then steam cleaning might be an ideal alternative.

Unlike the steam cleaning methods, the dry carpet cleaning involves the use of cleaning solvents and other dry chemical compounds. These chemicals when placed on the carpet break down whatever dirt and soil they find. The advantage of the dry cleaning system is that the rug can be used almost instantaneously after the process. This is a preferred method of cleaning mostly in the industrial settings.

Clean Carpet Crew-The Specialists

The Clean Carpet Crew are a known name in the carpet cleaning service providers. We provide the highest standards of cleaning services that add life to your carpets. State of the art equipment and branded cleaning solutions are used for dirt and stain removal and also deep cleaning. Use our services and give a new lease of life to your carpets.